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Written by: Kiumbuku
Bright sun, white beach, blue sea - this is the ideal holiday in a dreamlike scenery. In the middle of it you stand, in your fashionable bikini, which makes others pale with envy. It not only emphasizes your curves wonderfully advantageous but is also a real eye-catcher with its optics. So you can lean back and relax and enjoy the sun's rays on your skin. Also in the swimming pool, you are well equipped with your swimsuit with refined wrap optics and beautiful patterns. So nothing slips and stays exactly where it belongs - and also looks really good.
Ladies swimwear - as individual as your figure
Swimwear is as versatile as the people who wear it. Especially with swimwear for ladies, the figure question is often in the foreground. But don't worry: beach nixies are always beautiful if they only pay attention to a few little things. The basic rule is: The body part you want to underline is presented with a lot of skin and the right pattern. Where you don't want to look, more fabric will help you with your bikini. The same principle applies to men: the more you want to show yourself, the crisper the swimwear will be.
But which models are there in swimwear? The more correct question would be: Which ones aren't there? Every season new models are "in", and old classics are reissued. The eternal hit list looks something like this: Bikinis are popular in every age group and with many figure types, men usually prefer comfortable and airy swimming shorts (this also applies to boys' swimwear) and girls look magical in a swimsuit or tankini.
Which swimwear is figure flattering?
Are you blessed with a curvy figure? Wonderful, then show yourself particularly feminine with these swimwear tips. Swimwear for large sizes features shaping elements and provides support. Shapewear swimwear is the easiest way to shape your body on the beach. If you have a large bust or a curvy silhouette, you should also pay attention to wide straps on the swimsuit, pre-formed cups and supporting inserts. Swimsuits or covering swimwear are also a good choice. Otherwise, always pay attention to high leg cutouts on the panties. Also, frills, flounces, and decorations provide more optical centimeters at the respective place. Dark colors form better, with patterns the graphics should run from the outside to the inside, this slims the waist. Tankinis are the ideal solution when it comes to cutting and is suitable for almost any figure.
Which bikini suits me best?
There is no general answer to this question - after all, every woman is different. So here are some basic tips: The more petite you are, the bigger your selection of bikinis will be. You can wear practically anything. The more feminine you are, the wider the straps and cuffs should be. That gives support. The paler you are, the more exactly the color should be matched to your skin. Crunches are allowed! Think about the choice of colors for ladies' swimwear as well as the search for a suitable make-up. The darker your skin is, the more crisp summer colors look on you. That makes you shine!
If the right swimsuit is chosen, everything is ready for the beach, isn't it? Not quite. Because such a bikini replaces your underwear in summer and becomes an eye-catcher all day long. Beach fashion is airy and looks great over the bikini in slightly transparent fabrics, beach shoes cheat a few centimeters on top and
round off the bikini look.
Which swimwear do you wear for sports?
You want to really turn on the beach and in the water? Well great! Always keep in mind that the sun always shines down on you, and cream yourself well before and after the sporting activities. This is especially true for children. Otherwise, you only need the right sports swimwear. Swimsuits and bathing shirts with shaping inserts and wide straps give you support with every movement and keep your body from cooling down. Crossed straps relieve the back best. Bathing leggings are indispensable for surfers and co. and beach sports are even more fun with bustier bikinis.
Swimwear offers a wide range of possible combinations
You now know more about cuts, materials, and areas of application for swimwear and still can't decide? Then maybe our Mix & Match, the absolute combination freedom for ladies swimwear, is just the right thing for you. Here you can choose your own tops and bottoms and at the same time see which combinations are possible. This is also great, for example, if you are looking for longer swimming shorts for maternity swimwear, or if you want to have a different beach combination for each day of your holiday.
Ladies swimwear for every taste
While the selection of ladies swimwear in the stationary trade is clearly limited, you find a much more extensive offer online. It is easy to find the perfect models for every demand. From elegant and fashionable bikinis to tankinis and beachwear, swimwear is available at amazingly low prices. Sporty swimwear is also available online. Forming swimwear in great design also awaits you at Wellness Heavens. With the trendy swimwear from Wellness Heavens, your holiday can come. For ladies with special requirements, ordering swimwear from our online shop is also a pleasure. So you will find swimwear for ladies in oversizes wonderfully cheap and in fashionable, up-to-date design. The selection of swimwear at Wellness Heavens is also huge for pregnant women.
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